My name is Joris van Leeuwen and this is my game development portfolio.

I love creating games. On this website you can find info about projects I have worked on.

I'm active as a proud chicken at Little Chicken Game Company.

I've made games as:
- Game Director
- Game Developer
- Scrum Master

I've made games with:
- C# (Unity/XNA)
- C++ (SFML/SDL/OpenGL)
- HTML/CSS (Web)
- Javascript (Web/Ionic)
- PHP/MySQL (Backend)
- Python (Django)
- AS3.0 (Flash)
- Lua (PS3 HOME)
- GML (Gamemaker)
- Autodesk Maya (3D/Animation)
- Blender (3D)
- Photoshop

Born October 3th, 1991
Living in Haarlem, The Netherlands
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Joris van Leeuwen Games