Save Orang and his friends by replanting the rainforest that the oil palm plantation took!

In this free to play mobile game we bring to light issues that affect wildlife. Revenue of Birthplace is used to plant new trees.

Birthplace is currently in soft launch.

I am game designer, developer and scrum master on this project.

Rescue Wings

Dive your plane into water to gather waterbombs that put out forest fires in levels that require more and more creativity and skill to clear.

In addition to levels this free to play mobile game offers an endless and an asynchronous online competitive mode.

I was director and lead developer of this project.

Track Lab

Enter the virtual space of Track Lab and create music in seconds.

In this creative puzzle game the player can create beats from scratch by moving musical building blocks around in a virtual environment.

I was developer and scrum master on this project.

Drone Esc.

Drone.esc is a narrative game about a small drone trying to escape a mysterious and unfriendly environment.

The project is a result of an in-house game jam at Little Chicken and was finished by students of the HKU.

I came up with the initial idea, developed the prototype and guided the students.


A high-octane, stunt, arcade game with an addictive combo and trick-based gameplay set in a retro arena.

Rekt is our first own big entertainment title at Little Chicken which, after success on mobile, was ported to various platforms.

I shortly joined the development team on this project.


Guide a tribe based on visions you see in a fire. Remember it correctly and the tribe will flourish, but mistakes will cause the tribe to fall.

Shaman is the game that we made at Global Game Jam 2018.

I was developer on this project and participated in the design process.

Shadow's Edge

Shadow’s Edge is a narrative therapy game designed to help young people with health challenges, depression and other illnesses to discover the depth of their resilience.

In a city stuck in time the player has find missing journal pages and restore the city by expressing feelings deep within.

I was developer and scrum master on this project.


IoC+ is designed to be the most complete Inversion of Control framework for Unity.

It includes an editor window that shows a live feed of signals and commands that are dispatched in-game with direct access to the associated code.

This project was done entirely by myself.


Anchorage is the game we made at Global Game Jam 2017. You must steer a boat full of refugees through storms to reach the promised land.

The game got 1st place in the HKU GGJ competition.

I wrote all code and participated in the design process.

Veggie App

An iOS/Android app for everyone that wants to learn about eating plant-based. It shows how much water, CO2 and land you save by eating less meat, fish and/or dairy.

It includes over 50 articles and recipes that can help you adopt a more plant-based lifestyle for yourself, the animals and the environment.

I co-founded this project and wrote all associated code.

Code Quality

The quality of a game is often defined by the quality of its code. It defines how easy we can turn creative ideas into functional results.

I wrote a series of 8 byte-sized blogposts on this subject and gave talks about it at the HKU and Utrecht University.

These blogposts were written by me and improved with help of co-workers and friends.

Hidden Heathen

Hidden Heathen is the game we made at Global Game Jam 2016. Three players need to perform tasks of which one of them doesn't know the instructions.

The game got 1st place in the HvA GGJ competition.

I wrote all code and participated in the design process.

Unity Code Control

Code Control is a framework designed to create an easy to understand MVC workflow for creating games in Unity.

It comes with three insightful ways to monitor what's happening in code while running the game, including message visualization and a basic UML of data structures.

This project was done entirely by myself.

ING Chain Game

A game made for ING to help their software developers understand the issue of chain dependencies.

Together with the input of their engineers we developed a simplified model of the real world where the player has to come up with solutions to solve puzzles.

I was developer and scrum master on this project.

Chess Tools

I love to play chess from time to time. To help me become better I made a few tools.

One tool allows me to play chess on any platform using my keyboard, as it takes controls over the cursor. Another tool records the screen and reads aloud the moves that are being made.

These tools were made entirely by myself.

Runespell Overture iOS

Runespell: Overture is a role-playing game combining poker mechanics with power ups and collectable cards.

Mystic Box is the original developer of the PC game and at Little Chicken we developed the iOS version of the game.

I helped with porting the game to iOS.


Coach4Life is a mobile game that supports kidney patients to live healthy and to inhibit worsening of kidney damage if possible.

By setting and achieving personal goals the user helps a baby bird break out of its egg. Over time a tree is filled with birds.

I was lead developer and game designer.

Fishy Waters

Fishy Water is a flash game we started with the goal to publish it. Catch and sell fish to buy upgrades for your boat.

Throughout the game you'll discover new areas and fish. The main goal is to save your father from the clutches of the kraken!

I wrote all code and did game design together with the artist.

Online Soldier 3D

Online Soldier 3D was my graduation project at the HKU. It's a 2D multiplayer platform shooter with 3D visuals.

My focus was improving my programming skills, which I've documented on the Lion Tech blog.

I've done everything on this project myself using OpenGL, SFML, Havok Physics and Assimp.

Life in a Heartbeat

Life in a Heartbeat is the game we made at Global Game Jam 2013. We came up with a story of a woman who is fighting for her life in the flashback of her past.

The game got 2nd place in the HKU GGJ competition.

I wrote all code and participated in the design process.

Concept Art Sessions

Concept Art Sessions is a website where artists can challenge themselves to draw concept art based on randomly generated words within a chosen time frame.

Thousands of art pieces have been submitted by a community that loves to help each other out.

I came up with the initial idea and wrote all code including PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.

Sword Hero

I've made this game to introduce myself to C++ programming. It's a tiny hack and slash platform with a juicy editor.

Apart from using SDL I wrote all code myself, from the Vector2 class to the level editor.

This project was done entirely by myself.


Sisyphus is the game we made at Global Game Jam 2012. You play as Sisyphus, the Greek legend who was to push a rock up onto an infinite mountain.

The game got 2nd place in the HKU GGJ competition.

Together with another programmer we wrote all AS3.0 code and participated in the design process.

Apres la Vie

Apres la Vie is an organisation that facilitates extra condolence services for when a loved one has passed away.

We made an application where users can place a virtual flower with a short story that is shared with other users.

I wrote all code including AS3.0, PHP and MySQL.

2D Sidescroller Tool

A team at my school was missing a programmer so I volunteered to help them out.

I made a framework with which the team was able to autonomously make a side scrolling adventure.

I made the AS3.0 framework and online wiki.

The Cannibal

To develop my art skills I designed and animated a creature in the context of Starcraft 2.

I came up with a Zerg unit that eats those of its own team to lengthen its body.

I did all design, art and programming using Photoshop, Maya and XNA 3.0 (C#).

Drug Island

For a school assignment we had to make an educational game about drugs. We decided to make a multiplayer browser game where players need to work together to trade and earn cash.

Players were able to betray other players during a trade to receive the bounty that was on their head.

I came up with the initial idea and wrote all code including HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

The Forbidden Bridge

The Forbidden Bridge is an 3D hack and slash adventure game. Etu is playing soccer with a friend and challenges him to cross the forbidden bridge.

After crossing the bridge the friend is caught by a mysterious shadow and the adventure begins.

I wrote all code including custom physics in XNA C#, shaders in HLSL and MEL Scripts for Maya.

Lost Island

This is the result of a school seminar I took where I learned how to write my own shaders using HLSL in XNA.

We covered topics like heightmaps, reflection, refraction, fresnel, specular, skybox and more.

All code was written by me, based on the code snippets explained during class.

The Graverobber

The Graverobber is a RPG puzzle game where you play as a mummy farao whose tomb is being robbed.

Being unable to jump that player needs to use the farao's magic abilities to switch between dimensions and solve the puzzles.

The game won 1st price at our year's competition.

I made concept art and wrote all code including XNA C# and HLSL.

Physics Engine

For an ambitious side scrolling RPG I made a physics engine with stones that fall and bounce correctly.

Sadly the project was never finished but I learned a lot about the mathemetics.

I made all the art and wrote all XNA C# code used in the video.

School's Out!

School's Out! is a fps horror game in which you are still at school after closing hours.

You'll encounter a variaty of teacher who are mutated and have become hostile.

I co-wrote the Unity C# code, but mostly made the concept art and 3d models.

The Last Breath

The Last Breath was made during the game jam at G-Ameland, where I needed to live and work with 5 unknown others and make a game within 4 days and nights.

In this game the player has to protect a tree with the last bit of oxygen on earth from waves of zombies.

I came up with the initial idea and wrote all XNA C# game code.

Hayfever Alarm

For the school assignment to make an educational game about something medical, we decided to show what happens inside a nose when it has hayfever.

In this action side scroller the player needs to shoot the body's histamine, learning that the irritation in the nose is actually coming from the body itself.

I wrote all AS3.0 code for this game and participated in the design.

Speedracer 3D

In this school assignment we were to make an old school arcade game to learn Flash AS3.0.

To give myself a bigger challange I made my own 3d line renderer and used it to make an endless driver game.

This project was done entirely by myself using Flash AS3.0.


MotionTab is a learning tool for playing the guitar that combines the existing tablature notation with the mechanics of Guitar Hero.

I worked on this project while in highschool with a friend.

I came up with the initial idea and wrote all AS3.0 code.

Online Soldier

A 2D multiplayer side scrolling shooter I made while in highschool. Using LAN connection, fellow students were able to battle across different levels with unique weapons and mechanics.

It was played a lot and together with a friend we set up an online leaderboard.

I came up with the initial idea, wrote all GameMaker code and made all art assets.

Teaching & tutorials

I've always loved to help others in turning their ideas into reality.

While at highschool my teacher decided I should teach the students in my year and I decided to make more tutorials online.

Here are some of the tutorials I wrote.

Joris van Leeuwen Games